Application Criteria

HM Prison Dovegate Therapeutic Community Criteria for Application


Every applicant is considered on an individual basis, but, in general,


You must:

Be an adult male prisoner who is Category B or below.

Have at least 21 months to serve before your PED or CRD.

Have a complete and up to date OASys.

Admit to and take responsibility for your offence and be prepared to discuss your offending behaviour in a group setting.

Be willing to sign up to weaning off any anti-depressants within 6 months.



You must not:

Be appealing against conviction.

Have been on the E list in the last 6 months or been a Category A prisoner in the last 12 months.

Be in your parole window if you are an indeterminate prisoner.

Have had a positive MDT/VDT (Mandatory/Voluntary drug test) in the last two months.

Be suspected of dealing in drugs.

Have self-harmed in the last two months.

Be undergoing any form of detox (Any medication used for a detox must have been discontinued for a period of two months).

Be taking any form of psychotropic or opiate based medication for a period of two months prior to arrival.

Be prescribed Gabapentin or Pregablin medication.


Automatic applicant exclusions

Anyone who is neurologically brain damaged, either through birth or an incident later in life.

Anyone who has uncontrolled epilepsy, unstable diabetes or a similar medical condition.


Special notes

The results of a PCLR, if previously completed, will be considered, using clinical judgment on an individual basis. Any applicant with very high levels of psychopathic traits will be declined.

A prisoner’s ability to engage in and benefit from therapy based on their intellectual abilities will be assessed in line with criteria applied to other accredited offending behaviour programmes.

A prisoner should not be exhibiting major mental illness or awaiting transfer to secure hospital.