Q Is the Therapeutic Community (TC) full of sex offenders?

A No. The TC is a mixed TC. There are a small number of Sex offenders but the majority of prisoners are serving long sentences for mostly violent offences.

Q Do you have to be a ‘grass’ to do TC?

A No. The TC does NOT encourage ‘grassing’.

Q What happens in TC?

A Prisoners, or residents, live as part of a community. They take part in therapy groups and meetings to discuss their lives and offending and also about life on the community.

Q How many prisoners are in a small group?

A There are up to ten residents and at least one staff facilitator in each small group.

Q How many prisoners are on each wing?

A Each wing, or Community as they are known as on TC, can house 40 residents

Q What are the communities like?

A The communities are much smaller than the main wings. The atmosphere is more relaxed and supportive. Violence or intimidation is not tolerated and is challenged by residents and staff.

Q Is TC segregated from the Main prison?

A Yes, mostly. There is mixing at Healthcare and in Multi Faith services.

Q What is the regime?

A Unlock and lock up times are the same as the main prison. In mornings Therapy groups take place. In the afternoon there is Education and community based work- cleaners, laundry and servery work.

Q Where do TC have visits?

A TC has its own visits hall, it is smaller, has unfixed furniture and a more informal atmosphere. Normal visits rules and procedures apply. Visits take place Mon and Fri afternoons, and Saturday and Sunday.

Q Can I still get my Cat C if I go to TC?

A The Re-Cat system is the same as the main prison.

Q Is TC easy?

A NO. TC is not an easy option. It can be very difficult and challenging. It takes a lot of hard work and effort but the reward is worth it.

Q Can I be forced to do TC?

A No. TC is a voluntary process. It may be put on your Sentence Plan to be assessed for if appropriate. The parole board may ask about this. If you come to TC for assessment and TC is found not suitable, it can be taken off your sentence plan.