Monday to Friday mornings, prisoners, or residents as they are known on the TC, take part in Therapy Groups. A ‘thoughts and feelings’ meeting, where the whole community, including staff and residents, meet for the residents to talk about how they are feeling, if they have something going on, or if anything is bothering them. Following this meeting there are either Small groups or Community Meetings.

The Small Group gives residents the opportunity to talk about their lives and offending in detail, exploring their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The groups have up to ten residents and at least one staff facilitator.

The Community Meetings are an opportunity for the whole community to discuss anything concerned with life on the community. These meetings are agenda based and chaired by the community chairman, who is a resident. Any member of the community can put something on the agenda to be discussed.

Special groups or meetings can be called if there is an urgent issue that needs addressing.

In afternoons residents take part in either Education or Community based work. Residents have access to a gym (3 gym sessions and 1 football session a week), Library, Multi faith Chaplaincy team and services, and an annual arts festival. There are also opportunities for residents to engage in complementary therapies such as art therapy and drama therapy.

Each Community hold up to four family days each year, these sometimes include families visiting the community and seeing where the resident lives.