Secure payments system - operated by Prison Technology Services

This new service is now active here at this establishment. Our services will enable the sender to deposit monies directly into the prisons’ bank account so funds can be transferred quickly and made available to the recipient. This is a cheaper option than postal orders, cheques or cash and, because we pay the establishment directly, clearance time is kept to a minimum.

So now by logging onto you can see how easy it is to register for free and send monies in a hassle free manner at any time day or night, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Family and Friends   please visit our website – it only takes a moment to create a free account and your monies are deposited directly into the prison bank account securely, without any hassle.

Secure Payment Services are a part of Prison Technology Services who operate Email a Prisoner, Email a Detainee & Patient-mail websites. So, you can be assured of our credentials.

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