Visits Hall Rules

We recognise that visits to see your loved one is vital, for the mutual support and reassurance that is needed in difficult times. Our aim is to make your visit as pleasant as possible and we need your co-operation for this to happen. Therefore, we would like to bring to your attention the following points. As you would expect, some are security based, but most are common sense and are designed to make your visit a pleasant one. We hope you enjoy your visit and we welcome any feedback.



  • No items to be given to the Prisoner during the visit
  • No items to be received from the Prisoner during the visit.
  • Ensuring you adhere to the visits code of conduct.
  • Do not use threatening, abusive or insulting words towards staff, visitors or other prisoners
  • Please keep children under control as they are the responsibility of the supervising adult
  • Please remain at the table that you have been allocated to. DO NOT sit at another table
  • Please obey all instructions from the staff and leave the hall quietly
  • You may be greeted with a kiss and be kissed goodbye at the end of the visit in a manner that does not offend others. Kissing and other bodily contact (other than holding hands) is not permitted
  • Only socialise with the prisoner that you are visiting
  • Please ensure that lids are kept on drinks at all times
  • If removed coats are to placed on the rear of your seat
  • No more than £20 in change is allowed in the Hall