What is TC?


The Therapeutic Community (TC) at HMP Dovegate is a purpose built 200 bed facility with four 40 bed Communities, a 22 bed Assessment Unit and a 20 bed TC+ for those with learning disabilities/low IQ.

The TC is a long term, accredited intervention aimed at reducing risk related to offending. The minimum time required to complete TC is 21 months, which includes spending up to three months in assessment.

The TC offers prisoners the opportunity to live as part of a community; to be involved in the decision making for that community and help others whilst helping themselves. All aspects of life on the community are designed to enable personal growth.

“My time on the TC has helped me to take full responsibility for my actions leading up to and during my index offence. By taking responsibility, it has enabled me to look at the dysfunctional and scared person I was and the way I used to deal with the day to day stresses of life and relationships. This has helped me to make changes to the way I deal with all relationships. Hopefully, if I’m given a second chance and released the skills that I have learned on the TC will help me on release” Resident E.